Beijing Yintai Centre (MEPF Commissioning)

Beijing Yintai Centre is located in the core of Beijing’s CBD. It is a three-tower structure with 63-levels, 118,519 square meters consisting of 237-rooms Park Hyatt Hotel, 44 luxury apartments and 216 service apartments. Flanking this main tower are two 186-metre-high office towers. These two 73,500-square-metre towers will housed 44-levels of office spaces (one office tower has 71,926 square meters of space, while the other has 71,980 square meters of space). The project was designed by Architect John Portman and is an outstanding landmark along Beijing’s CBD.

PowerQ was commissioned as a Commissioning Management Company by the developer M/s Yintai Holdings Ltd. PowerQ was engaged to perform commissioning services during the acceptance of the following systems:

  • HVAC systems – Summer and Winter operations
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Chillers Energy Management Control System
  • Electrical Systems from the service entrance and to the distribution panels
  • Emergency Generator System
  • Fire Alarm/Water based fire protection systems
  • Security Systems

Upon arrival of PowerQ, various systems were evaluated for performance and several rectifications or improvements were made to meet the requirements of the international clients including Hyatt International. PowerQ provided its expertise of engineers, technicians and various testing and diagnostic instruments. Various equipments were tested for performance including Air Handling Units, Heat Exchanger, Boilers, Chiller, Cooling Tower, Emergency Generator and Fire Pumps. PowerQ guided the team of contractors to rectify any defects and improve installation.

Commissioning work performed during year 2008 -2009 resulted in the following benefits:

  • Proven performance of Life Safety System
  • Indoor environmental comfort
  • Greater energy efficiency by setting of CMS, PMS and BMS
  • Numerous issues identified through all phases, follow-through and resolution of each