NEBB Certified Building Systems Commissioning (BSC)

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What this service offers to you

We also provide the quality systems commissioning for MEP and Control System, Our services also ensure reduction in the cost of ownership and reduce OPEX. Cx ensures that infrastructures such as Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, High Rise Biotech, Pharma Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Data Centers, Clean rooms, and Industries will operate as intended. Our services help Greenfield and the existing facilities to achieve optimal performance.

Building Systems Commissioning

Under construction

Supports Energy Performance

Energy service enables facilities' managers to identify opportunitiesĀ to reduce future energy use. It enables clients to assess the energy consumption of utility systems, IT and other equipment to manage effectively and save costs.

Control Systems and Integration

CONTROL SYSTEMS INTEGRATION SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS PowerQ has comprehensive experiences in evaluation, design and commissioning of control systems, Direct Digital

Re-Commissioning Utility System

Under construction

Equipment Performance

Under construction

Mechanical and Electrical Failure Investigation

Case Study drafting is in progress…

Utilities Optimization

Under consruction

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