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The Process, O&G, Semiconductor industry is extremely sensitive to power disturbances and relies on securing high quality power for its processes. Reliability and quality of power is key to achieving zero downtime. Mission Critical facilities require high-quality, transient-free electrical service. In many cases, momentary outages or voltage sags can cause major disruptions, which result in large production losses

Electrical and Thermal Energy

ELECTRICAL AND THERMAL ENERGY MONITORING APPLICATIONS Cooling Tower Systems Central Chiller, Condenser Water, Hot Water Systems Electrical System Potable water/DI

Power Quality Tests

POWER QUALITY TESTING AND SOLUTIONS Poor Power Quality results in premature failure of equipment causing disruptions. Common symptoms of poor

Failure Investigation

FAILURE INVESTIGATION OF M&E SYSTEMS If you need to investigate the failure of M&E systems such as: Root cause of

Thermography / Thermal Imaging Tests

THERMAL IMAGING TESTING AND INSPECTION Thermography is a cost-effective way to detect energy heat losses or gains. It is an

EMF Testing & Solution

EMF TESTING AND SOLUTIONS The objective of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is to minimise detrimental electromagnetic emission that can cause interference