Operation and Maintenance Manual Development

To complement T&C work, PowerQ was appointed to complete an additional task that was to create O&M Manual for the HVAC system of a new greenfield plant. To meet the high standard of the project, the remit was to produce a narrative and illustrative document. It was not merely a compilation of drawings, specifications and catalogs as normally practiced.

PowerQ’s Commissioning Engineers were involved in intensive discussions on the overall operations with the Client’s Engineers. It was a comprehensive involvement such as; collecting equipments’ data, drawings, specifications and reviewing the physical systems. Generating the O&M Manuals comprised of three sections; SYSTEM DESCRIPTION, SYSTEM OPERATION and SYSTEM MAINTENANCE.

PowerQ had produced the manual with extensive application of user-friendly flowcharts and simplified layout drawings to ensure it could be understand by all technical levels.

Special emphasis was laid for a safe operation and energy efficient in the O&M procedure. The manual was produced in hardcopy and indexed pdf-softcopy. Information in the manual shall be further used to schedule predictive maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

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Updated on

June 11, 2018