EMF Mitigation Design (Dubai Mall)

The Dubai Mall in UAE, is one of the largest malls in the world. The mall is a part of ’Downtown Dubai’. PowerQ was engaged by consultants to analyse and study the potential impact of the strong electromagnetic field generated by the transformers, associated power cables, bus-ducts and switchgear.

In large commercial buildings where offices and work areas are located near electrical systems such as transformers, switchgears, bus-ducts and electrical panels, the occupants are usually exposed to a very high 50Hz magnetic field levels ranging from 10-1000 mG (milligauss). Fortunately, magnetic field strength rapidly diminishes as a function of distance from the electrical source. However, approaching the 50Hz magnetic sources, the occupant may be exposed to extremely high 1000-100000mG levels. Occupants are not aware of this potential hazard unless the magnetic source produces electromagnetic interference (EMI) in sensitive electronic equipments such as monitors, magnetic media, audio/video equipments etc. Once detected, 50Hz magnetic field management (mitigation) ultimately becomes the responsibility of the building’s management.

The project team were concerned on the potential impact of strong Electromagnetic Field (EMF) generated by transformers, switchgears, bus-ducts and associated main cables at the proposed 4-storey shopping mall. The transformer rooms and switchgear rooms are proposed to be located at the lower ground floor while retail space is designed above the transformer.

PowerQ reviewed the drawing and specifications of installation before work could start. We had provided recommendations to mitigate strong magnetic field near sources such as 132 kV transformer sub-station, high amp cables carrying thousands of amperes and segregation from potential victim equipments.