Rail Lines (Air Tightness and Internal Overpressure Tests)

As a certified testing company, PowerQ assisted the JV main contractor to conduct a crucial testing by pressuring the entire building like a balloon. The purpose of the ATT is to provide an indication if the Civil Defense Shelter and all its mechanical penetrations and closure devices are airtight against the penetration of external air.

One of the most challenging parts of the work performed by the construction team was sealing the gaps covering thousand of square meters of surface area including all the penetrations for utilities, humans and train access throughout the tunnel. This test allowed for easy detection of leaks from Blast Doors, Blast Valves Sleeves/Frames, Protective/Hardened Structures, Sealing Devices etc.

The entire volume 4-storey structure of more than 10,000 sq m was pressurised using a fan with calibrated venturi for measurement of flow. The flow and pressure were monitored with data loggers and digital instrumentation specially configured for the test. Hundreds of meters of sensor tubing were operated and the pressure drop was compensated by applying correction factors in loggers placed on various levels.

PowerQ conducted IOPT and ATT tests within the protected bounds of the Concourse, Platform and Under-platform Levels. The test was witnessed by authorities and had achieved its criteria at the first attempt. This was a results of extensive preparation, planning and coordination works done by hundreds of staff. Passing this milestone test allowed the European and Local JV main contractor to proceed with the construction process.

PowerQ had conducted similar tests for facilities such as; Isolation and OT rooms in hospitals, Blast proof rooms in oil rigs, FM200/CO2, Pressurised Room in data centres and BSL negative pressurised rooms in animal holding facilities/Vivariums and BSL labs.