OYO FPSO (Vibration Monitoring)

The E-House contractor had installed HVAC packages on E-House and was concerned about high vibration level before the handover of the system. SPL had commissioned PowerQ to perform vibration measurement at Compressor and AHU and compare against benchmarks. PowerQ has to advise practical solutions to mitigate the impending problem.

Our engineers reviewed the installation drawing, alignment and factory report. We conducted vibration verification measurement on AHU, Chiller Compressor and Wall Mounted Condenser Axial Fans at the following locations:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser Fans
  • AHU Blower

The measurement result was used to mitigate the excessive vibration levels. This helped to avoid any failures of critical system while the vessel is moored and performing offshore production.

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Updated on

June 11, 2018