Blast Proof Hardened Shelters (Commissioning)

In 2013-2014, PowerQ performed commissioning for civil defence shelters Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Fire Protection. The shelter is designed to protect mission critical electronic system to withstand NBC Hazard, shockwave cased by blast forces, forces of projectile, extreme heat and fire. It has to maintain functional when encountered with these situations.

The shelter was designed for +15g forces. It was required that the substructures, equipments and instruments have to survive mechanical shocks. To meet this challenge, PowerQ team worked with civil and structural, mechanical and electrical teams in an integrated approach. The shelter is designed to be fully functional without relying from external utilities for a prolong period of several days.

Once the structure was substantially completed by civil and structural contractor, PowerQ inspected it and the components such as the blast door and overpressure blast valves. The contractor’s team had painstakingly ensured that all the leaks including hairline cracks were sealed. At the next stage, PowerQ Engineers set up test equipments and data loggers to conduct Air Tightness and IOPT Test at +250pa. The pressure was held for a specified duration until it was confirmed that the leakage rate is lower than allowable 8%. Once the structure was declared gas tight, the services installation commenced.

This test was followed by the review of system drawings and the preparation of method statement for Overpressure Regime Test (ORAT). Test was conducted by pressuring the structure with the use of installed fans.

After successful completion of ORAT, the individual functional test were carried out for Electrical System, Prime rated Standby Generator, UPS, Door Monitoring Security System, Fire Alarm/VESDA/Co2, Fire Sprinkler System, Plumbing and ACMV system.

Finally, an Integration test and scenario test were conducted for the entire shelter. It was performed in a Peacetime/Normal, conventional, filtration and button up (closing FA intake) scenario and various performance parameters such as flow rate, power generation/consumption, sound level, lux level, temperature/RH and room pressures. PowerQ supplied Engineers, test equipments and data loggers to perform final Acceptance Test for Govt authorities and submitted a final analysis report.

Throughout the years, PowerQ have gained experiences in conducting similar services for mission Critical Facilities such as; Underground Metro Station, Isolation Suits and Operation Theatres in hospitals, Blast proof rooms in oil rigs, FM200/C02, Pressurised Room in data centres, BSL negative pressurised rooms in animal holding facilities/Vivariums and BSL labs.

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Updated on

June 11, 2018